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Core API Controller

Instead of defining all of your request handling logic as Closures in route files, you may wish to organize this behavior using Controller classes. Controllers can group related request handling logic into a single class. This particular base controller is made specially for APIs, it's been stripped of anything that would not be used in an API.

Defining API Controllers

Below is an example of a basic API controller class. Note that the controller extends the base controller class included with Leaf(Leaf\APIController). The base class provides a few convenience methods


// this is a model, view the model docx for more info
require "User.php";

use Leaf\ApiController;

class UserController extends ApiController
   * Show the profile for the given user.
   * @param  int  $id
   * @return View
  public function show($id)
    $user = User::findOrFail($id);

You can define a route to this controller action like so:

$app->get('user/{id}', 'UserController@show');

Now, when a request matches the specified route URI, the show method on the UserController class will be executed. The route parameters will also be passed to the method.

Controllers are not required to extend a base class. However, you will not have access to convenient features provided by Leaf Model

Base Controller Features


Leaf Core controller contains methods to appropriately return data to the user.


use Leaf\Controller;

class NameController extends Controller {
   public function index() {
         "message" => "hello"

You can view more on responses here


file_upload is for simple file uploads. It takes in 3 parameters, the path to save the file, the file and the file type(optional). It returns an array [true, $filename] if successful and [false, $error] if the upload fails.

use Leaf\Controller;

class NameController extends Controller {
  public function index() {
    $profilePic = $_FILES["profile_pic"];
    // file upload
    $this->file_upload("./images/", $profilePic);
    // file upload with file type
    $this->file_upload("./images/", $profilePic, "image");


The base controller also gives you a simple way to handle form data

public function index() {
  $name = $this->form->get("name");

    "name" => "text"

Read more on Leaf Forms here

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